The Chabad Young Professionals UES Investor's Club are those who are fully dedicated to the vibrant growth of our community and partner with us through investment giving. The returns are higher than any other investment out there! We thank our Investors for their foundation-al and continued partnership!
Investors give a minimum of $5000 per year
Isaac & Lily Abraham
Jonathan & Jamie Arbisfeld
Joseph & Deborah Aronow
Benjamin & Nancy Aryeh
Jon & Ashley Bakhshi
Michael & Stefani Berkin
Stella Binkevich
Igor & Stephanie Biselman
Leo Biselman
Chabad of the Upper East Side
Martin & Lauren Geller 
Adam Handwerker
Yudi Hercenberg
Mark Kalimian
Solomon Kapelyus
Carly Krasner
Spencer & Ruti Kupferman
Jonathan & Kim Kushner
Justin Lesnoy
Russell Light
Mickey & Diane Markovitz
Richard & Amy Miller
Lizabeth Newmark
Aron & Zahava Ritter
Phil Rubin
Brian & Monica Shatz
Jacob & Jackie Soleimani
Ethan Stein
Joshua & Sarah Stern
Henry & Yana Stimler
Matt Teichman
Chaim & Flavia Theil
Edward Zarabi
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