Do a Mitzvah

Connect to the infinite. Be infinite.

MITZVAH  // commandment; connection //

Maimonides: "A single person performing a single mitzvah could be the deed that tips the scales and brings redemption to the entire world and all of creation."

The 10 Campaigns {Mivtzoim in Chabad lingo} were presented to the world stage by the Rebbe in the 1950's and 60's. It's simple. A mitzvah is a deed of cosmic significance, a deed of infinite value - as it is a direct connection between man and G‑d. Encourage and help a Jew (of any level of observance or knowedge, what difference does it make?) to do one Mitzvah and you have brought infinity to him/her and to the entire world! The 10 Campaigns are specific Mitzvot the Rebbe encouraged to be spread to every Jew in every corner in the world.